New Teacher Spotlight

Jason Slater

Teacher Name: Jason Slater | Years in Education: 11 | Grade Level: 4th Grade | Favorite Activity: Riding Motorcycle | Favorite Thing About Teaching at Trenton School: The wonderful staff and students!

- Welcome to the Tiger Family Mr. Slater!

Connie Stump

Teacher Name: Connie Stump | Years in Education: 5 | Grade Level: Guidance Counselor | Favorite Thing about Teaching at Trenton School: The caring/friendly atmosphere towards students and staff.

- Welcome to the Tiger Family Mrs. Stump!


Teacher Name: Stacey Clarys | Years in Education: 7 | Grade Level: 6th | Favorite Thing about Teaching in Trenton: It's an honor teaching at the school I grew up in. I hope to instill compassion and kindness in my students while teaching them the skills they need to be successful in the future.

- Welcome to the Tiger Family!